The Big Freeze: How to Protect Your Credit from Fraud

It seems like every time you read the news there is another huge data breach that puts you at risk for credit fraud.  In 2016 there were about 15.4 million consumers affected by fraud.  The problem is so rampant that one has to wonder if there is anything that can … [Read more...]

Credit Repair Made Easy

How much would you pay to have perfect credit; $100, $500, $1000?! There are literally hundreds of credit repair companies who are more than willing to take your hard earned money with a promise to hand you back the perfect credit report. For someone with bad credit, … [Read more...]

Your Credit Score

What is a credit score? Your credit score, more commonly referred to as a FICO score, is a number that helps lenders determine your credit worthiness. The FICO score, which was developed by Fair Isaac Co., uses a complex mathematical formula to develop a score based on your … [Read more...]